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Judean's next Kever Avot ("graves of the fathers") service tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 16th, at 10:30 am - thanks to the gracious efforts of of area clergy!
The "War on Weeds" continues... As we did last year, we have again applied a "pre-emergent" treatment to forestall the onset of crab-grass. Unlike last year, however, we are very encouraged by the results! The (new) product seems to be living up to its claims -- both crab-grass and clover appear greatly diminished. We will continue these efforts using (mild) herbicides to give our fescue grasses a fighting chance!

"Extreme Weather" solutions. Heavy rainfall can be damaging, as soil is washed down atop flat markers, and the settling of graves accelerates, causing "holes" to appear. All such problems are addressed asap, but tend to pile up immediately after the rain stops. (Please don't expect to see a perfect landscape the day after the rain ends!) We are also looking a ways to improve the drainage systems in the cemetery, to mitigate the damage caused by such weather events.
More Trees... Last fall we installed approximately 20 white pines, primarily along the western (Rt. 97) side of the park, and a few other locations, as well as several Maples to replace those damaged/removed last Fall/Winter.

Aged/Damaged/Removed Trees... As the beautiful trees of Judean age, they too will pass on, from natural and other causes. In these cases, they will virtually always be replaced by a new tree (usually of the same species).
Section 10 Expansion... The landscaping phase is now complete, and new rows are currently being "splined" (physical guide markers placed). Section Ten is unique in the cemetery, the only area designed to accommodate "upright" granite memorials; and other "orthodox" requirements, including 10' walkways for each double row of sites.
We Appreciate You... Gracious Judean families deserve kudos for their patience and understanding in coping with cemetery maintenance and improvements. As such projects may become necessary, we do our best to accomplish them with minimal impact on the beauty and serenity of Judean.
Online Locator Tool... We recently added a new online feature to assist you in locating a loved one's grave site (especially after hours!) Simply click on the "Locate your loved one..." link (top right of pages), enter the surname and press the "search" button. For very popular names (e.g.: Gold(...), Cohen, etc.) you'll need to enter the surname, followed by a comma, and the first name. Click on the name when it appears, and the system will display a "map" showing the burial location in the cemetery. click on the location-address, and it will place a marker on a Google map. ANDROID PHONE USERS: if you are using a GPS enabled Android phone, try clicking on the location-address, (last numbers on right) you should be able to navigate to within 25' of your loved one's site. This feature will be most helpful after the permanent marker has been installed.
Chapel Beauty, Comfort and Convenience... Inclement weather is one good reason to book the chapel at Judean - and there are others. The convenience of having your Memorial Service and Burial at the same location includes reduced driving, parking and access hassles for your guests, the comfort and privacy of the family room, and more.
Time-Savers... No one at the time of need is required to come to the cemetery. Items that must be purchased before a burial takes place can be completed by phone. Charges that are due can be charged by phone. Interment authorizations can be faxed to the family or the funeral home for signature. If a death occurs on the Sabbath, the family or the Rabbi can call the Memorial Counselor or the Director after the Sabbath, for orthodox families in our upright monument monument section we will accommodate next day burial whenever possible if called immediately after the Sabbath ends.
If your Synagogue's sites are located at a cemetery that you find geographically inconvenient, ask about our Synagogue sections.. Many Synagogues own sites at Judean in premium locations, and specially priced for their members.
Looking ahead: Judean has experienced steady growth since our inception in 1975, reaching a "half-way point" of development with the millennium. Today, our long range developement plan, with developed, as well as undeveloped lands, works to assure availability for decades to come.

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