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Welcome to Judean Memorial Gardens
Rabbi addresses the gathering at our Annual High Holidays service (date TBA)
Judean Memorial Gardens is proud of our reputation as the Jewish Cemetery for the Washington DC metropolitan area. Established 1975, and located in Montgomery County, Maryland; our steadfast goal remains to provide a beautiful and meaningful perpetual resting place for those of the Jewish faith!
In response to the Montgomery County Expanded Reopening Guidance, we have revised our Covid-19 policies as follows: (1) Size restrictions have been lifted on outdoor gatherings, and no masks are required. (2) Our office doors remain locked, however, a maximum of two family members may enter the office to meet with their Memorial Counselor. For larger groups we are able to meet either in the memorial chapel, or out on the grounds.
Significant works of Art enhance the beauty of Judean Gardens Many works of art enhance the beauty and symbolism of Judean.
Memorialization and Art
Throughout most of the cemetery, Judean Memorial Gardens requires flush-to-the-ground, bronze memorial markers, in order to maintain a park like appearance. Upright memorial markers are available in only in Section 10; a special section developed to satisfy Jewish orthodox burial requirements. Currently under expansion, Section Ten features a 10-foot aisle at the foot of every grave. Memorials such as Ten Commandments by sculptor Phillip Ratner add beauty and meaning to Judean Gardens. Another example is our Holocaust Memorial, also designed by Mr. Ratner. High Holidays Service: Each year, Judean hosts a special High Holidays memorial service, which occurs on the Sunday that falls between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, to remember our loved ones, as well as the six million Jews that perished during the Holocaust.
Ongoing Service Commitment
Ongoing efforts to improve Judean Memorial Gardens include the planting of new trees and gardens, commissioning works of art, monuments, and other major features such as our Memorial Chapel, completed in 2005. Customer service: we believe our families deserve nothing less than "good old fashioned" customer service: i.e. when you call Judean (during business hours) you will be greeted by a human being - never a computer! At Judean, you and your family will rest assured of the finest quality and care ... today and tomorrow.
Judean High Holidays Service
With each passing year, we invite you to join us for a day of remembrance and reflection as we gather to remember our loved ones and usher in the new Jewish year! The service, which is based on the ancient "kever avot" includes prayer, song, and (optional) visitation. We are ever grateful to the rabbis and hazzans that donate their time and efforts each year to ensure a successful event. This year's High Holiday Service will take place on Sunday, October 6 - 10:30 AM sharp. All are invited!
Synagogue's Choice: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform synagogues alike choose Judean Memorial Gardens, for our fair pricing, adherence to Jewish law, Jewish traditions, and convenient location in Montgomery County. Currently ten Congregations and a Chavara have sections at Judean Memorial Gardens, and the number is growing.
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